About Safe Albums (UK) Ltd

The company SAFE ALBUMS was founded in 1953 by Friedrich Schneider, and is still owned, and run, by the family. The company SAFE ALBUMS (UK) LTD was established in 1981 by Christopher Carter, and is still owned and run by him and his family. 

Initially, the company catered for the classical collectables i.e stamps, coins and postcards. Since then the range of products has significantly increased therefore catering for "almost everything that is collected". Whether your collection is minerals, minatures, pins, sports cards, autographs, bill etc.  

Many of the products are made at the two sites at Bempflingen and Reutlingen in Germany. Constant advancements in production processes guarantee the customer quality, tailor-made solutions to their collecting needs. 

In addition you will see that we have a number of products designed for the home i.e. display stands, shelves, cases, collection boxes and small items of furniture. These are eye-catching additions to your home. 

The programme is rounded off by classification systems for documents, records, CD‘s, DVD‘s, magazines etc. Tailor-made, high quality presentation solutions, carefully crafted using premium materials, for the home or workplace. 

For information on latest offers visit our website, or contact us by telephone, e-mail or post.