The SAFE banknote collection systems not only protect your collectors' items, but also create a decoration in your home with their elegant design.
They are available in various sizes and motifs, and are the ideal place to store banknotes of various sizes.
Our banknote collection systems are excellent value for money, but they also are made to last.
Make your banknote collection system easy with the removable additional sheets.
If you are looking for an additional protection for your banknotes or the banknote collection system, we also offer Slipcases and banknote wallets in our range.

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  1. Wallets for Banknotes
    Wallets for Banknotes

    with long side opening

  2. ARTline Banknote Album Open
    ARTline Banknote Album

    with 8 clear pages (2 x No. 1276, 4 x No. 1277 and 2 x No. 1278).

  3. 'Standard' Banknote Album
    'Standard' Banknote Album

    with 48 double sided pages.

  4. 'Standard' Banknote Album
    'Standard' Banknote Album

    with 50 double sided pages.

  5. Banknote Album
    Banknote Album
    for Banknotes from all over the world
  6. Schwarze Schutzkassette für ARTline-Album
    Black Slipcase for ARTline Coin Album
    for album 7383, 7384, 7335 and 1269.
  7. Banknotes Sleeves
    Banknotes Sleeves

    Measurements: 205 x 125 mm.

  8. Banknote Sleeves - 270 x 157 mm
    Banknote Sleeves 270 x 157mm

    Measurements: 270 x 157 mm
    Wide side welded on top and bottom, back open.


11 Items

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