Every collector needs a little help now and then, and Safe provides that help.
Whether in the form of cleaning, labels, display stands or tweezers to safely hold your precious collection, Safe has the answer.

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  1. album for 192 coins up to 40 mm
    Pocket Coin Album "BIG"
    • 12 pages for 192 Coins up to 38mm.
  2. Pocket Coin
    Pocket Coin
    Pocket Coin album
  3. Cross Action Tweezers
    Cross Action Tweezers
    For lateral gripping of coins.
  4. pocket coin album for 40 coins up to 38 mm
    Pocket Size Coin Album
    • 10 Pages for 40 Coins up to 38mm
  5. Acrylic Triangle Display Stand
    Acrylic Triangle Display Stand

    in 4 sizes (pack of 3). Ideal for exhibiting fossils and minerals.

  6. Coin polishing Cloth
    Coin polishing Cloth
    for coins and other precious metals.

Items 1-12 of 13

Set Descending Direction