Coin Albums

If you passionately collect coins and banknotes, SAFE is the place for you. Immerse yourself in our world of collection systems and let yourself be inspired by our comprehensive range!
SAFE offers a wide selection of albums and collection systems for your coin collection. The following albums are available in many variations and designs. Our coin albums not only convince with an elegant, timeless design, but also through robustness, so that your collector's items are always well-kept. Years of experience in manufacturing and the experience gained have made us a perfectionist in the production of our coin albums. SAFE coin albums are manufactured in Germany and made by specialists. Due to our large colour and design selection of our coin albums, no wishes remain unfulfilled. Since 1953, our coin albums have proven their value by virtue of their excellent price / performance ratio. Every collector needs a coin album that meets his requirements and ensures that the coins are protected against external influences.