Coin Scales

Our coin balances impress the collector through precision and classic design. Available in various designs. Never before has technology been as compact and easy to use as with SAFE coinage. Perfectly suited for traveling, the coinage system gives you the exact weight of your coins up to two decimal places. The coin scales are available in 5 different designs so that no wishes remain open. Simple design and excellent price-performance ratio are the characteristics of SAFE coin balances. Depending on your preference, the coin dances are available with or without a flap.

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  1. Scales for Coins
    Scales for Coins
    Automatic Calibration
  2. Mini-Scales 1/100 g
    Mini Scales1/100 g
    Fits in your pocket!
  3. Super-Präzisions-Waage
    Super Precision Scales

    Professional Accuracy - 2/1000 g.

  4. Precision Scales
    Precision Scales
    Accuracy: 1/100 g capacity up to 100g
  5. Designer Scales
    Designer scales
    Accuracy: 1/100 g - Capacity 100g.

5 Items

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