Collecting Boxes

Here you have the free choice to keep your minerals all compact in one place.
Decide from a large selection and find the right thing for you, in your desired size, your desired design and your desired material.
Our collection boxes are optionally made of acrylic with removable collection boxes, as a collection box with variable division or for example as a high-quality display case.
Thus your jewellery is well preserved.

10 Items

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  1. Collecting box
    Collecting box
    with 36 compartments
  2. Collecting Box for Minerals
    Collecting Box for Minerals
    with variable size compartments
  3. Small box for Minerals
    Small box for Minerals
    with 18 compartments each 33 x 33 x 25 mm.
  4. Small Showcase
    Small Showcase

    Size 10 x 9,5 x 4 cm

  5. Small Showcase
    Small Showcase

    with 18 compartments!

  6. Small Showcase
    Small Showcase

    Size 19.5 x 11 x 4 cm, without compartmental divisions.

  7. Box "Leonardo" orange
    Box "Leonardo" orange

    Covered in Florentine Paper

  8. Box "Leonardo" Blue Large
    Box "Leonardo" Blue
    Ideal for A4 formats, pure craftsmanship, Covered with Florentine paper Available in two sizes

10 Items

Set Descending Direction