Signoscope Watermark Detector T3

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The Signoscope T3 is the further development of the SAFE-Signoscope, the first optical-electrical watermark finder and testers that are in use thousands of times worldwide.

The device works completely without chemicals and thus without risk for the stamp. The handling is very simple.

They detect not only watermarks but also repairs, degrees of preservation, quality defects and paper irregularities.

This in a new, fascinating way: The new Signoscope T3 has become much more powerful; It works with 3 strong LED’s, which are hardly susceptible to wear and very energy efficient. These LED’s guarantee optimal illumination of the stamp.

The Signoscope T3 brings to light what was previously hidden and makes watermark differences visible, which may mean a significant value difference of the stamps.

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Product Description

The LED light sources are infinitely dimmable. You will find optimal illumination for every stamp to be tested, as it is not always said that maximum exposure to light will bring out the watermark optimally.

Adjust the intensity of the light sources by moving the control knob up and down (+ and -). In addition, the stamp can be examined with 8 different light colours, which in turn are all dimmable. Watermarks, paper irregularities or even repairs can appear differently depending on the light colour and can also be better recognised.

The following light colours are freely selectable: brown, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, violet and, of course, white daylight as the central examination light.
These different colours can significantly improve the examination result by, for example, irradiating a (mainly) red-grounded mark with red light, thereby virtually “neutralising” the red printing ink, which may appear on the back of the stamp.
The watermark now appears more clearly and is no longer disturbed by unwanted colour effects.

The Signoscope is very easy to use – it works by you putting your stamp face down into a smooth clear solid Perspex tray into the machine. Then the light is shone through the Perspex to show the actual watermark, which appears dark and is easy to see.

Can be powered by 240V AC, 110V AC or from the USB cable supplied. There is also a Power Bank (available here) that you can buy separately if you would like your T3 to be portable.

Dimension: 135 x 70 x 90mm

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  1. Mr J Dale

    Detects watermarks as it says by Mr J Dale
    Having a large number of QE2 Wilding stamps to check I found that quite number had very difficult to see watermarks. These were the stamps that had a very thin paper, where the design was quite prominent through the reverse side or were stamps where the paper appeared to be striated. This machine made short work of checking the watermarks. It actually works!! The ability to vary the colour and intensity of the light proved to be very important. Some watermarks responded to red light, others to green light. Some very hard to see watermarks needed a dim blue light. Varying the pressure also made a difference, some stamps needing a high pressure others a much lower pressure. However, there are a few niggles. Some were design points others appear to be insurmountable. The method of varying the pressure on the stamp could do with a re-design. The screw method is OK but the space allowed for turning the screw is limited and a plastic projection on the underside inhibits free turning and could get quite painful at times. Considering the price this should be changed with immediate effect. The on/off switch was not very positive, frequently cancelling due to switch bounce. This is a very simple problem to overcome and should have been already incorporated in the design. Some stamps could not have their watermarks read. About 2% of the stamps tested fell into this category. This is not a fault of the machine but rather of the stamp paper used. Conclusion: This machine works. It will show very difficult to see watermarks and can be used on site (with a suitable battery) to check watermarks. Once the design niggles have been remedied it will be an awesome piece of kit. Do not expect it to show every watermark because it cannot but what it cannot show probably could not be detected anyway.

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