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- fast, convenient and easy

At SAFE Schwäbische Albumfabrik GmbH & Co.KG you can shop around the clock conveniently via the Internet - simply from home.
Browse our product categories and then click on the product you are interested in for more information.
You can also use the "Search" input field to find products directly.
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Your shopping cart

On the product details pages you will find an input field for the quantity and a "Add to Cart" button.
First enter the desired quantity and then click on "Add to basket" to save the product on your virtual "shopping".
Then you can continue shopping and add other products to your shopping cart, or edit your order.
For some products, we have different variants: Here, you first have to select the desired variant, for example a certain size or color, before you add the product to the shopping basket.

Comfort is important to us

With the link "On the leaflet" you can "book" products up to your next visit without obligation, but cookies must be activated. With the function "Show notes" you call up the products again later.
With the link "Recommend this product" you can send an email to friends and acquaintances, if you have found a product that might interest you.
To do this, our shop opens your e-mail software and creates a message with a link that the recipient can click directly.

Edit the purchase order

Click on the "Show Cart" item if you want to see your current order.
You will now see an overview of the articles that you have placed in the shopping cart.
If you want to change the order quantity later, enter the new number in the "Order quantity" field and click the "Update totals" button.
If you want to delete a product completely from your order, click the delete icon next to the product.
To view details of the products in the shopping cart, click their names in the shopping cart.
When your order is complete, click the "Next" button.

Shipping methods and payment methods

In the next window, select the desired mode of delivery.
If there are any accrued shipping costs, they will be displayed here.
Select the desired shipping method and click on "Next" to proceed to the payment methods.
Choose a method of payment and click the "Next" button again.

Everything OK?

Afterwards, the order summary appears in which your order is displayed as an overview.
Please check again whether everything is correct, whether all articles and their number are correct and whether you have selected the desired shipping method and method of payment.
From this screen, you can also see our general terms and conditions of business, which you must agree to prior to completing the order by checking the corresponding check box.
Then click "Next" to complete your order.

Your personal information

A window will open where you can enter your personal data. This window is encrypted, as you can see from the small icon at the bottom of the window. Now enter your personal data - we have marked the required fields with an asterisk. If you want to specify a different delivery address, you can also do this in this form. If your personal data is to be stored for your next purchase, activate the function "Save address data". To use this service, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. If all information is complete and correct, you can complete the order by clicking OK. You will receive a confirmation email shortly afterwards.

Written order

If you have opted for a written order procedure for the payment methods, the last order step runs a little differently:
In this case, a window with an order form will be opened, which you can print out with the "print" function of your web browser, read it out clearly and send it to us or send it to us.

Your email address

Please be particularly careful when specifying your e-mail address, as we use this to contact you.
Furthermore, the e-mail address is your customer number at SAFE Schwäbische Albumfabrik Gmbh & CoKG, which clearly identifies you.

Cookies and pop-ups

Some functions in our shop use cookies to store data on your computer. You must enable cookies in your browser to use these features.

Our shop opens an encrypted transmission window for order completion. If you are using pop-up blocker software on your PC, you should deactivate it, since otherwise Can not complete the order.