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No. 9901 Signoscope Pro featuring 9 LEDs with 8 colours

SAFE Signoscope PRO | Optical-electronic watermark detector and testing device

A new generation - for exceptional results!



  • The Signoscope works with 9 powerful LEDs, 3 red, 3 green and 3 blue, which are energy efficient and long lasting. The adjustable brightness (+/-) enables optimal illumination of the respective stamp, as maximum brightness does not necessarily bring out an optimal examination result, as some watermarks show up better while on the dim setting.
  • The 9 LEDs allow the user to choose from 8 different colours, as well as 3 white lights (cool white, warm white and natural white). The different colours can improve the examination result, e.g., a predominantly red stamp is illuminated with red light and thereby the red printing ink, which may shine through on the reverse of the stamp, is "neutralised". The watermark or stamp repair are not disturbed by unwanted colour filters and stand out more clearly.
  • The device is supplied with a USB adapter and can be connected to the mains or to a computer with a USB port.
  • For mobile operation of the Signoscope PRO we recommend our 2600 mAh SAFE-Powerbank No. 9894, which features solid construction in a compact, aluminium case.
  • The machine is great for seeing GB Wildings and Postage Dues, N.Z. Arms, Crown Agents Spirals etc.
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No. 9901 Signoscope Pro featuring 9 LEDs with 8 colours

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