Whatever the level of detail you require we have a magnifier to suit your needs. From jeweller's loupes to stand mounted high magnification lens you will find it here.

For all test equipment listed here, we will of course provide you with a professional customer service!

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  1. Multifunctional Magnifying Glass
    Multifunctional Magnifying Glass
    with LED microscope 15x zoom.
  2. Pocket Magnifier  - 8-/10-/18-times
    Pocket Magnifier - 8-/10-/18-times
    Pocket Magnifier up to 18-times magnification.
  3. Magnifier 3.5 times
    Magnifier 3.5-Times
    For Stamps, Coins, Minerals etc, …
  4. Pocket Magnifier 3.5 times
    Pocket Magnifier • 3.5-ftimes - round
    For Stamps, Coins, Bank notes, Minerals etc
  5. 7 times Magnification Loupe
    Coin Loup 7-imes
    Glass lens with 45 mm diameter and measuring scale.
  6. Magnifier 3X
    Magnifier 3X
    with einem Linsendurchmesser von 42 mm.
  7. Stand Magnifier 5X
    Stand magnifier
    with 5X magnification biconvex lens.
  8. 2X Magnification
    Rectangular Reading Glass
    Light weight Lens 2.5X Magnification
  9. Telescopic 6X Magnifier
    Telescopic 6X Magnifier
    6-fache Vergrößerung.
  10. 2.5X Reading Bar
    2.5X Reading Bar
    The practical bar magnifier.
  11. 5X Illuminated Magnifier
    5X Illuminated Magnifier
    with asphärischer Linse. 5-facher Vergrößerung.

Items 1-12 of 43

Set Descending Direction