Test Equipment and Microscopes

The ultimate testing equipment for stamps. Microscopes, including digital, UV and white light detectors, watermark detectors, perforation testers, callipers for thickness, Whatever you require we have it here.

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  1. LCD Digital-Microscope 9755
    LCD Digital-Microscope 9755

    For banknotes, stamps, coins, postcards ....

  2. Pocket - UV Lamp -  Testing Flourescent
    Pocket - UV Lamp - Testing Fluorescence

    Portable - security with the UV light.

  3. Pocket Video Magnifier
    Pocket Video Magnifier
    With USB cable, cleaning cloth, Protective bag, user manual.
  4. Digital Microscope Smart
    Digital Microscope Smart
    Magnification from 0 to 500! With software and stand
  5. Zoom Microscope on stand
    Zoom Microscope
    Variable from 60 to 100 times magnification
  6. Philalux3

    For stamps, coins, banknotes, securities, minerals, ...

  7. UV- Standtestgerät
    Detector Long UV Wave - The Bank Note Tester

    Long Wave Banknote Tester

    Special Price £10.20 Regular Price £20.40

Items 1-12 of 23

Set Descending Direction